Lillie Rice Center, Inc.

Blue Mountain Industries - Adult Employment Services
Serendipity Child Development Center (SCDC) - Children's Services
Our services are dedicated to Children - ages birth to three, and Adults - ages twenty-one and over.

Adult Employment Services

Blue Mountain Industries offers five different types of work experiences (Manufacturing Assembly, Grounds Maintenance, Janitorial, Individual Supported Employment, and Volunteer Employment Experiences), each which provide a stepping stone for vocational skill development, enrichment, and training, with emphasis on employment for adults with developmental disabilities. Our businesses continue to thrive due to the long term support of our loyal customers in the community. It is our ongoing vision to continue to expand our contract base to meet the vocational needs of the people we serve.
Child Development Services
In 1979, the Serendipity Child Development Center (SCDC) located at 1627 Evergreen Street, was established as an early intervention program, providing full childcare services for children ages birth to three in the community. Developmental screening, which SCDC provideds, alerts parents to any possible delays in the child's learning and development.
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