COVID-19 Impacts, Lillie Rice Center






Lillie Rice Center believes that people with significant disabilities can – and should – have the same opportunities to work and contribute as any other citizen, all while providing and safe and healthful workplace.



For all programs and employees, our workplace operations have had to be altered to address the standards and operations dictated from the Center for Disease Control guidelines for a safe and healthful workspace.


Workstation setup has been adjusted to ensure that all workstations meet the Center for Disease Control social distancing measures. Supervisory staff have increased monitoring of employee health, and have implemented additional workplace controls to ensure that all CDC guidelines are met. In addition, all of our offices are closed to the public and volunteers.



The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a severe environmental shock that has dramatically impacted day to day operations.



And although our direct employment programs have been deemed (by the Department of Defense, and as an agricultural supplier) as essential businesses, our workforce has been altered due to the population of individuals that are served in our programs.

Individuals with significant disabilities have been directed by residential care providers, guardians, advocates, and health professionals to self-isolate, because they have been deemed as part of the population that is most at risk to having complications from contracting COVID-19.

In order to continue servicing our essential contracts, and meet minimum service demands and expectations, we have hired additional temporary staff from the community; ensuring that the work remains available when they are able to return to regular employment.

Following are links to our official notices of essential workforce:

LRC Memo

Department of Defense Memo

Agricultural Supplier

The cost involved in purchasing PPE and providing distanced workstations will be significant. In order to keep up with demands from our contracts, we will need to expand our workspace to accommodate these changes. The cost of PPE and workstation setup is something that needs to be forecast, as it is a significant increase to the supplies necessary to continue supporting our vulnerable employees.

The Board of Directors and leadership at LRC will need to address and modify fiscal and operational policies and procedures, review and modify contingency planning, adjust budget with possible re-development, and modify strategic planning in order to accommodate typical increases in production deman, while ensuring ongoing safety and health accommodations that may be needed to ensure that jobs continue to be available in the future.

To current date, supply costs have added up significantly. Following are sample invoices of PPE equipment purchased in the last couple of months, specific to COVID-19 increases of supply use:

Click here for copies of these sample invoices

5/2/2020, Invoice Amt: $118.20

5/7/2020, Invoice Amt: $801.50

5/12/2020, Invoice Amt: $141.20

5/14/2020, Invoice Amt: $60.55

5/18/2020, Invoice Amt: $111.80

5/19/2020, Invoice Amt: $357.19

6/12/2020, Invoice Amt: $120.75

6/18/2020, Invoice Amt: $60.55

7/22/2020, Invoice Amt: $173.15

7/22/2020, Invoice Amt: $178.60

(Note: This does not include inventory on hand that has been used for extra sanitizing purposes, such as Restroom and Bowl Cleaner, Rags, Bleach, Floor Cleaner, and Mark 11 Disinfectant Sprays – of which has all increased in cleaning usage and frequency. The cost of usage of inventory of these products, along with modification of workstations to abide by social distancing recommendations, accounts for the remainder of the estimated totals of $1,200.00 monthly)

Lillie Rice Center expects these costs of PPE and cleaning materials to continue to be high throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funding is currently being pursued to help support and assist in the purchasing of additional PPE and facilitate the expansion of workstation setup throughout the remainder of 2020. This includes unforeseen costs associated with COVID-19, including supplying all necessary PPE equipment (gloves, hand sanitizer, facemasks, disinfection wipes) and creating safe, clean, and disinfected workstations that ensure each employee is kept at a minimum distance as recommended by the CDC.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Lillie Rice Center Employment Programs, and keeping these employment opportunities available for our community.

For more information, please contact:

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