Competitive Employment Services

Competitive Employment Services photo

Competitive Employment Services are designed for individuals who already have specific skills and some previous work history. Participants referred for this service may need assistance in resume development, interviewing techniques and job development activities.

Based on the vocational goal of the participant, professional job developers set up job hunting and development activities. These include identifying which employers to contact, securing applications and other position related materials, arranging for informational interviews, and making labor market assessments. The participant is expected to take an active role in the process.
Once a position is secured and the job offer accepted, skilled job coaches are available to assist in the initial, intensive training on the job. Retention services also are provided for 90 days following placement. These services focus on insuring that both the employee and employer are satisfied with the job and that expectations are being met.

If needed, training is also provided to facilitate co-worker support for the new employee. Even after the 90 day retention period, if the need arises for specific training or support, staff remains available to meet those needs.