Lillie Rice Center / Blue Mountain Industries LLC Transition Update

July 1st, 2018, Lillie Rice Center transitioned as an organization. This transition separated all employment services from its direct employment programs.

Lillie Rice Center will still remain dedicated to the local community, along with its mission, by providing direct employment for individuals with disabilities. Lillie Rice Center continues its partnerships with local businesses and the Ability One Program to utilize the janitorial, grounds maintenance, E-Cycle electronics recycling, and production/mailing facilities as a valuable place of training and employment for those most at need.

Blue Mountain Industries LLC was formed with a primary focus to transition individuals with disabilities out of congregate work settings and into integrated work environments, and supports community employment as the first choice for individuals with and without disabilities.

Blue Mountain Industries LLC’s staff assist individuals with disabilities in our community by providing Community Access Services, Individual Employment Services, Employment Planning Services, Competitive Employment Services, and Respite Services.

For more information, please visit the Blue Mountain Industries LLC website at: