2023 Walla Walla Valley Giving Guide

The 2023 Walla Walla Valley Giving Guide becomes live on November 28, 2023. Please consider giving to Lillie Rice Center this holiday season – any support is gratefully appreciated!

Why donate through Valley Giving Guide?

The Valley Giving Guide is your chance to make a lasting impact. By connecting your gifts to a network of fellow givers, the Valley Giving Guide is a unique opportunity to create collective impact on the causes that matter to you.

* Every gift will be boosted with funds from the Bonus Pool, with the greatest boost for gifts made online.
* Your full donation will flow through to the causes you choose.
* Sponsorship dollars can cover all fees, or you can opt to pay them, increasing the Bonus Pool to create even more for the things you care about most.

Your commitment is the heartbeat of change. With every donation, you’re igniting hope, supporting local causes, and nurturing progress. Whether it’s providing education, aiding families in need, or uplifting arts and culture, your contribution amplifies the goodness we can achieve together.

Thank you for being the driving force of change in our beloved community. Your generosity fuels the heart of Valley Giving Guide.